Taryn A.

I have enjoyed learning from Isabelle way more than I could have imagined. I have always hated cooking and avoided it at all costs. But after coming to Beijing, and not finding an ayi that could cook according to my family's particular tastes, I contacted Isabelle. I had very specific requirements - healthy, low carb, and tasty in a way that even my kids would eat it. And boy, did she deliver! I now have at my disposal several recipes that my husband can't get enough of, and that my picky-eating kids enjoy. Isabelle also took me on a tour of the best places in Beijing to buy ingredients and she helped tool my kitchen with everything I need. I now actually enjoy cooking. I couldn't have imagined this 6 months ago.

Kristin F.

The Kitchen Cabinet girls are smart savvy and entertaining. They ran such a fascinating workshop for my kids store- customers have been clamoring to have them back. I also worked with them in my own home with my 4 unruly beasts and they were kind considerate and effective. They were able to zero in on the issues and provide solutions in one afternoon. We actually seem to be able to enjoy eating together and eat! somethign other than the usual suspects on a more regular basis. Thank you!

Valeska C.

The hours I spent with Isabelle and Jessie were one of the most interesting, fun and educational I have had in a long time. They have motivated me to change many aspects of my daily cooking and eating routine with my kids.

Kim K.

It is absolutely amazing the change that has occurred in my kitchen, on my table, and in my life-all thanks to Isabelle and Jessie and their AMAZING service.

I never thought it possible that I would be serving delicious, nutritious and homemade meals to my family on a regular basis. NEVER. But Isabelle and Jessie made it completely possible for me to change.

They came in and completely re-vamped and streamlined my entire kitchen; throwing out things I didn't need, getting things I did and putting everything where I could find it easily. They analyzed every food item in my pantry and refrigerator and told me what was good and what I could change for better nutrition. They took me to a local farmer's market I didn't even know existed and showed me how to select produce and prepare it in delicious recipes. They are so smart, nice and efficient! The whole process was actually fun, and I feel so much better knowing that I am doing the best I can for my family's health and nutrition.

Virgina C.

Before I called the Kitchen Cabinet my sons subsisted solely on yogurt, pizza pockets and Annie's Mac & Cheese while my husband and I ordered Chinese 6 nights a week. Mealtimes were disasters if I ever tried to introduce new foods and I struggled to even get my 4 yr old to eat one string bean.

I rated cooking at home below scrubbing my toilets because the whole experience was so unpleasant! Jessie and Isabelle turned everything around for my whole family.

My sons now help me set and clear the table and have tried several new (and healthy) foods which they have really enjoyed. Jessie's calm presence in the kitchen and Isabelle's practical suggestions on mealtime behavior have made an immediate difference for me.