A great resource for seeing what goodies you can find at the Union Square market.

Map of NYC greenmarkets with days and times of operation.

An alternative greenmarket resource.

Fresh direct has started to carry local foods - the fish and milk are excellent choices.

Our favorite farm for delicious meats. At Union Square on Mondays and West 97th street on Fridays. Products also available for mail order.

Simply the best farm-fresh dairy products in NYC.

A superb resource for traditional foods.

The best clearinghouse for pastured meats, eggs and dairy.

An entertaining blog for parents about eating well with kids.

From the greenmarket guru, an informational website as well as personal blog.

You can always trust Martha to come up with good ideas for cooking with kids.

Rachel Ray, love her or hate her, does have some good kids-in-the-kitchen ideas.

A James Beard Award-winning site by two pre-teen sisters with entrancing cooking demonstrations for kids.

Jessie's own author website

This guide features the 12 fruits and veggies with the most and least pesticides so you'll know which ones to buy organic, and which ones are O.K. to buy conventional.