Dinner Parties

I’ve been routinely shocked at what my daughters 4 year old friends eat when they come to my house for lunch or dinner. Frittata with swiss chard, beet pasta with a poached egg and lamb chops with creamed spinach to name a few recent meals. Now – let’s back up a step. Before they were invited over for dinner each child’s parent told me what a limited diet their daughter had at home and how she only ate nuggets and pasta and maybe a few carrot sticks. Well – once these kids were out of their comfort zone and realized that Maya (my daughter) was digging in with gusto – – they grabbed their fork and chowed down. And lo and behold – liked the meal, asked for seconds and, to a kid, have been talking about it ever since. I’m routinely accosted by Maya’s friend and neighbor asking when I’m going to make them rack of lamb again!

What’s the lesson here? Send them to someone else’s house for lunch or dinner every now and then (when they are old enough, of course). Don’t make any special requests (other than allergies, of course) and see what happens. Maybe they’ll come home hungry, saying that they didn’t like dinner but maybe, just maybe they will have tried a new thing and liked it. Sometimes kids need to fly the nest a bit to experience something new!


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