Kitchen Cabinet is a personalized cooking program that will change your life. It's about turning on your stove every day to create meals for your family that are easy, tasty, and healthy -- using mostly local and organic ingredients. It's about involving your children in shopping and preparing food that everyone will love. It's about organizing your kitchen and your time so that real cooking takes less time and money then cooking from a box or even ordering in.

This program is designed to make your life easier. To that end, all of our services are arranged with your schedule and needs in mind. Want to learn more about the farmer's market or shopping healthfully in Beijing?? We'll be your guides. Could you use a refresher cooking course? We can do that too. Need a primer on organic/local ingredients? No problem. Our goal is to provide whatever is best for you.


Isabelle Krishana

Isabelle Krishana is the Owner and President of the Kitchen Cabinet. She is a former teacher with many year of experience working with children of all ages. She graduated from Princeton University in 1998 and received her M.Ed from Harvard in 2000. She has spent the last several years working with parents and kids to improve not only the health and sustainability of family meals, but also to improve mealtime behavior to make family dining more pleasant for everyone. She is an avid home cook who spends lots of time cooking (and eating) with her 5 year old daughter and is very dedicated to supporting local agriculture as much as possible. She divides her time between Beijing, NYC and East Hampton.